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College Park Center at The University of Texas at Arlington

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check your ticket for any event-specific information that may be different from the information below. Contact Guest Services to find out the specific policy for your event by calling 817-272-5584.

When does the Box Office open? Where is Will Call?

The Box Office is located on the north side of the Center. Normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Additionally, for evening and weekend events, the Box Office opens one hour prior to the scheduled event.

Will Call is located at the Box Office. When picking up tickets, you must provide a picture ID.

For more information, please contact the Box Office at or 817-272-9595.

Is there an ATM inside the Center?

Yes. It is located on the north concourse, inside the main entry.

Can I record or take pictures at the event?

The policy regarding recording or photographing varies depending upon the event. Typically, cameras and recording devices are permitted at games, but not at musical concerts. Some sporting events allow still cameras without flash, but not recording devices. The event producer determines this policy.

Contact Guest Services to find out the specific policy for your event by calling 817-272-5584.

Can I bring a sign to the game to help cheer on the team?

Absolutely! We love to see fans showing their support for their teams.  But there are a few rules. Signs:

  • Must not exceed three feet in height
  • Must not be commercial in nature or obscene
  • Must not cause any disturbance with other fans
  • If you want to attach your sign to a railing or column, you’ll need prior permission from the College Park Center. Contact Guest Services at 817-272-5584.
  • Banners may not be displayed during play due to sight restrictions
  • Poles to display banners, signs, and flags are prohibited

College Park Center reserves the right to remove and/or confiscate any sign, banner, or flag for any reason.

Specific events may prohibit banners, flags, or signs altogether. Check with Guest Services (817-272-5584) prior to the event.

Can I smoke in the Center?

UT Arlington and College Park Center are a Tobacco-Free Campus. This includes the use of e-cigarettes. Click here to see our policy.

Can I bring in my own food and drink?

Outside food and beverage are prohibited from being brought into the venue.

Can I bring a pet?

All animals or pets are prohibited except for service animals accompanying guests with disabilities.

What else can’t I bring into the Center?

Common prohibited items include, but are not limited to, alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, glass containers, fireworks, laser pointers, coolers, knives, weapons of any type, unauthorized noisemakers, glitter, confetti, streamers, helium balloons, packages or large bags of any kind.

UT Arlington is dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for Center guests, therefore individuals who are in possession of these prohibited items may be denied entry.

Anyone with an item that does not pass security measures will be asked to take the item back to their vehicle or dispose of it before entering the Center. Please be aware that prohibited items, policies, and security parameters may be modified from event to event as security levels change. For many events, police officers will be stationed near each entrance. All persons entering the arena are subject to search and questioning.

When you say “large bags,” does that include diaper bags?

For Dallas Wings games, the answer is yes. Only small diaper bags can be brought into the arena, and they will be searched at the bag inspection area. Also, a small clutch bag (no larger than 5.5”x8.5”)  or clear tote bag (12”x6”x12”) can be brought into the arena. These, too, may be searched. Click here for the full Dallas Wings Bag/Purse Policy.

For all other events, the answer is no. Purses, fanny packs, diaper bags or any similar bags may be brought into the arena, but may be searched at the bag inspection area. Larger items, such as duffle bags, backpacks, suitcases and carry-on luggage are not permitted.

Are strollers permitted?

Strollers are permitted for younger children. As a safety measure, however, they are not allowed in the general arena seating. We ask that you check the stroller at Guest Services located by the main entrance.

Are there changing stations in the bathrooms?

Three family restrooms are located on the lower concourse by sections 105, 108, and 113. Diaper-changing stations are available in these restrooms.

Do I need to buy a ticket for my toddler?

For Dallas Wings games, tickets are required for children ages three and older. A ticket must be purchased for children who will be sitting in their own seat.

For other events, it depends. For most events, a ticket will be required for everyone. However, policies may vary for some special events. Please contact the Box Office at 817-272-9595 for information pertaining to specific events.

Where do I go if I’ve lost my child?

Separated children and parents should contact the nearest College Park Center employee or go to Guest Services located by the main entrance. We recommend you sign up for our free KID Tags program. Just fill out a form at the Guest Services desk before your event, and we’ll give your child a numbered wristband. If you become separated, the wristband will be matched with the information on the form to quickly reunite you and your child/children.

What do I do if I've lost or left a pesonal item at an event?

Items found during or after an event will be turned in to Guest Services and stored in the College Park Center management office. Lost and found items will be logged and kept for 14 calendar days, after which they will be disposed of or donated to charity.

What are your accommodations for disabled guests?

Our facility meets all ADA requirements, and ADA seats are located at the top of the lower seating bowl (sections 101, 103, 104, 107, 111, 113, and 114) and on the floor (when floor seating is present). Wheelchair accommodations are available within each price category and wheelchair access is provided for specially designated restrooms, ticket windows, and concession stands.

All ADA patrons who have purchased tickets on the floor for concerts should see one of our Event Staff Members for directions to the floor. If you or a guest is in need of wheelchair assistance, please contact an usher or staff member, and we will be happy to escort you to your seat. Please contact Guest Services (817-272-5584) ahead of time if you need any special accommodations.

What happens in the event of a major/minor emergency within the Center?

In case of emergencies, we have protocols in place to help keep you safe. In the unlikely event that an emergency situation requires the arena to be evacuated, instructions will be relayed via public address system. If such circumstances arise, please remain calm and follow any instructions as they are announced. College Park Center Event Staff will be available to assist with any evacuation procedures.

For minor emergencies, guests should seek the first aid station, located to the east of the main entrance, across from section 105. If you require medical assistance, please contact the nearest usher or College Park Center employee.

Can the Center be booked for a party?

Yes. The arena is available for private parties, corporate functions, receptions, and all special occasions. Contact us at 817-272-5584 for available dates and rates.